Nicholas Kirsch, Ph.D., Psychologist Individual, Couples, and Group Psychotherapy; Process Groups for Psychotherapists
 Nicholas Kirsch, Ph.D., Psychologist     Individual, Couples, and Group Psychotherapy;Process Groups for Psychotherapists

2 Locations (or Teletherapy):

Dupont Circle

1619 21st St NW

Washington, DC 20009


Downtown Bethesda

4809 Saint Elmo Ave

Bethesda, MD 20814  


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Nicholas Kirsch, Ph.D.   (Offering Virtual and In-Person Sessions)

***Please Note:  Currently I have openings only for group therapy, and a waiting list for individual or couples therapy.***


The place where you are is called "here." 

And you must treat it as a powerful stranger.”


For 30 years clients have entered through my doors seeking psychotherapy and consultations.  They come struggling with relationships, grief, anxiety, depression, insufficient motivation or confidence, difficult personalities, anger management, and more.  The one common denominator is a compelling awareness that their life is not as good as it could be.  I help them better understand their feelings, decisions (good and bad), and relationships, so they experience less distress and anxiety, and more joy, success and confidence.   They leave with increased self-awareness about how to make better choices and take care of themselves, so their lives and relationships become healthier and more meaningful.


I am an Experiential Psychologist, meaning the powerful and permanent change/growth you seek comes largely from experiencing and practicing new ways of living and relating. Through our therapeutic relationship, you will learn to communicate more clearly and effectively with less criticism and negativity, to identify, understand and process your emotions rather than act out on them hurtfully and self-defeatingly, and to honor and support your loved ones rather than trying to control them or punish them.    Through our vigorous dialogue and emotional interchange, you will be encouraged to push through feelings of shame, grief, rage, and fear so as to develop a new, more realistic, self-concept and awareness of your responsibilities, needs, and limitations.  You will learn/practice better boundary setting, directness and openness, as well as compassion for yourself and others.


My therapy draws from a wide a array of current and classic clinical techniques and strategies, and I rely heavily on clinical intuition developed over many thousands of therapy hours.  I incorporate real world experience gleaned from parenting, nature, sports and coaching, organizational consulting, meditation and yoga, diverse relationships,  a variety of previous professions, dog training, a Universalist spiritual practice, and my own therapy and personal growth discipline.


My goal always is to help clients feel safe, supported and understood, while also challenging them to access their deep passions and potential.


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INDIVIDUAL PSYCHOTHERAPY:  Individual sessions with Adults over 25 yo, 45-60 minutes.


COUPLES THERAPY:  Sessions for couples (Married/unmarried, straight/gay), 60 minutes.


GROUP PSYCHOTHERAPY:  Group sessions with up to 8 members per group.  75-90 minutes.  Groups for:



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