Nicholas Kirsch, Ph.D., Psychologist Individual, Couples, and Group Psychotherapy; Process Groups for Psychotherapists
 Nicholas Kirsch, Ph.D., Psychologist     Individual, Couples, and Group Psychotherapy;Process Groups for Psychotherapists

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  Individual Therapy With Adults presenting with a variety of psychological issues including:  anxiety, depression, difficult relationships, under performance at work/school, grief, loss, trauma,  passivity, excessive anger/rage and cynicism, stress, and family strife.  We will work directly through the therapaeutic alliance for you to become a more wholly integrated self, drawing on all aspects of your personality to empower you through increased  awareness of feelings, desires and limitations, clarity in dealings with others, and heightened capacity to process and express emotions.   Individual therapy should help you grow and mature in the areas that were delayed in your early formative years or from later life dysfunction and trauma.  I ecclectically integrate many techniques to help decompress and reintegrate past dysfunctional or traumatic experiences. 


                            “The solidarity of a group provides the strongest protection against

                          terror and despair, and the strongest antidote to traumatic experience."

                                                                                  J. Herman


Group Psychotherapy:  is a powerful method for growth and change. Up to 8 individuals meet face to face to share their lives, support and challenge each other, and practice better relational skills.  The power of process groups lies in the unique opportunity to receive multiple perspectives, support, encouragement and feedback from other individuals in safe and confidential environment. With facilitation from therapists, participants work on verbalizing feelings,  sharing time and space, compromise, sacrifice, actively expressing love and caring, assertiveness, conflict resolution, establishing interpersonal boundaries and other relationship skills.   Its a very active process with constant experiential learning of better relational skills, often more effective than individual therapy for significant behavior change.  Group helps you evolve a happier life with less despair and deeper, richer, more open relationships; judgmentalness will diminish while love will play a larger role in your life. Many of my clients begin with Individual Therapy and later add or change to Group Therapy.



Process Oriented Therapy Groups for Therapists: for therapists who crave intense interpersonal connections with full and respectful openness, these groups are a rare opportunity for relationally oriented therapists, novice to seasoned, to gather for a high caliber process group experience.  We focus on awareness and expression of here-and-now process as we encounter each other fully and authentically.  The weekly group facilitates healing emotional wounds and traumas, clearer self-awareness, greater empathy and intimacy with others (including your clients) and voicing your emotions, longings, and shadow as we evolve into our full personhood. (sliding fee is available).



Couples Therapy:  For married and unmarried couples (gay or straight), including premarital counseling, parenting therapy, and sex therapy.  I will help you develop intimacy and compassion, improve expressive and listening skills, share and compromise, and face the many varied challenges for couples over their life span.  I emphasize  that though love is a wonderful feeling, its not enough for good coupling; you have to put love into actions.  Even for couples who function well, regular "check-in" sessions can greatly enhance the quality of the relationship and preventively avoid  many marital pitfalls.




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